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We (my fiance' and I) create high-quality, effective and inexpensive fidget toys to help others help themselves. We know that providing kind and efficient customer service is a must. We are driven by the fact that a tiny toy can have a profound impact on a person's daily life. 


We are fulfilled, and often moved to tears, by the success stories people share with us. We do all we can to donate Think Links to schools, mental health organizations and clinics, rehab centers, and veterans. We believe we empower individuals to achieve emotional and physical well-being.

Notes from Think Link founder, Nick Shafer

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my late twenties giving me a mixture of relief, "aha!" moments, and questions. I finally had a reason for challenges I experienced growing up--consistent procrastination, a disregard for details, impulsivity and other hurdles. But, knowing where your problems come from doesn’t instantly fix them.


So, I dove head first into everything ADHD--research, reading, podcasts, and finding appropriate medication that worked for me. Over time, I developed a fairly effective “anti-struggle” playbook. I embraced routines, bank and bill automatization, reminders, and other ways to organize my less-than-organized mind. Things were going pretty well. Although, nothing in my playbook helped with the driving urge to fidget. Reading the book Fidget to Focus by Roland Rotz and Sarah D. Wright was an absolute game-changer. I learned that fidgeting distracts part of my brain that easily becomes "bored" so that the other parts can focus on what I'm reading, hearing, or seeing. Fidgeting may appear as tapping your fingers, pacing, twirling your hair, needing the TV on for background noise, constantly checking your cell phone (guilty!) and other everyday things. Fidgeting is completely normal. Fidgeting is common. Aaahh...another sigh of relief.


I started making little moving toys out of bike chain to help myself when I became frustrated with existing options out there that either didn't work or seemed overly expensive. Making these toys at my kitchen table eventually graduated into creating this company, Think Link, in 2016. Okay, most times I still am making them at my kitchen table!

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